Don’t forget about yourself

Many times we are so caught up in trying to keep up with the race of life, we forget to take a moment and think of ourselves. Remember people, you matter! 

The person you have to take care of the most in this life, is that person looking back at you in the mirror. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, treat yourself well. I promise you, life will look a little brighter, as long as you treat yourself right. 

Until next time world! 


How to make a guy you’ve been seeing, make you exclusive (his gf). 

As awful as this may sound. And before I get into it, please know, I do not mean to offend anyone, please read my introduction post. Now back to the dating advice!
This is a little soon for me to be posting dating advice since I don’t have a following or anything, but I hope this gets out. Men hate me for this (never met a man that was ok with me sharing this) (including all my guy friends)

Many single ladies who are out looking for love, think a sign of affection = love. Many men have an ultimate goal of one thing, and one thing only. SEX!!!!! But you’re in luck! I have an amazing solution. It might not be the easiest, but it is one of the best.

Here it goes. It’s actually just a quote I came up with that works perfectly for me.


Never give a dog a treat, until he does the trick you want. (Don’t sleep with a man, until he makes you his exclusive dating girl)

If a guy (not every guy, but more than likely your guy) gets to sleep with you on the first date or the first time you guys hang out, he has less of a reason to call you. It doesn’t make much sense, I know. But that’s how we are wired. I’ve heard countless women wonder why they never get a call back, or they stop getting wooed out of the blue. That’s more than likely your answer.

Yes men, I said we are dogs. (Some of us are well behaved, while most of us need to be trained still) and ladies you need to see us as such if you want a guy to have a reason to continue to chase you.

Ladies sex is for you and your man! Not you and some chump who has commitment issues. Make sure he makes you his queen (dates you not marries you yet) before he gets the privilege of being with you intimately.

If you have any question please email me! I’m here for YOU!

Until next time world!

Scared to succeed at losing weight? (Medium length read?

This picture was taken by me, after I climbed up a huge boulder at a beach. Why does that matter? Because I was scared of heights! And this was the beginning of my life altering weight loss journey.

Many of us have similar goals. As I continue to write “posts / blogs / articles” < (sorry I’m not sure what we refer to these posts as. Im new to this world) we will talk about things we hold dear, such as dating, life, and common things even science can’t answer.

I do have one question for you, the reader. Why are you scared to succeed?  It must be fear right? For example:  Many people want to lose weight, and every single person has a general idea how to, eat less junk eat more healthy food, move a little more daily, and watch your body transform.

But we would rather spend more time online looking for the “get fit fast secret”. What makes a person think, even if they do find that secret, they will practice it when They already know what they could have done to atleast start the process of losing weight. They must be scared right? Scared of what people in the gym will think? Scared of failure? Scared of it taking forever? Do our fears outweigh the reward for our hard work?

It might not be any of those. As people, we get comfortable. It’s time to step out of that comfort zone. If you want different results you need to take different actions. No one Is going to work out for you, no one will go motivate you day after day, no one will care what you want. The answer is inside you, deep inside you. If you want it, YOU NEED TO GET IT. Weight loss pills may help, but in my opinion they hurt a lot more in the long run. 

Maybe starting at a gym is a bad idea, i started by going to an indoor rock climbing place (I’ve always wanted to try to rock climb) I would also go to a park at night and go play on the monkey bars. I know this sounds rediculous. But it was surprisingly fun. Then I got an old bike I had and started using that to do local errands. And guess what really REALLY made a difference. Eating healthier! I would snack on fruits, I would have steak salads for dinner, with guac, steak or chicken, tomatoes, some rice, onions, and whatever else I wanted to put on it. And I would not eat past 7pm! This is huge!

Guys if you want to lose weight, you already know how to! Stop making excuses! Stop trying to find an easy way! There are no short cuts, like I said, I’m here for everyone of you! I’m here to help come up with plans for you! Look inside of you! My life changed, the world started looking at me differently as I started to look differently! You deserve that too! You deserve to feel good walking around the street or when your half naked at the beach! Your health will improve, your look will improve, your attitude might improve, and you’ll be able to eat pizza without worrying about getting fat again (because you’ll already live a healthy life). Please reach out me if you want a little help! I’m here for you!