People always want advice, many people want to better their lives or do something different. This is the problem with that! People only want to hear what they like, and they choose to ignore the truth. People will spend hours googling the easier way to get a good result; instead of the best way. Dating isn’t black and white, being healthy doesn’t have a cheat code (like video games), getting the future you deserve doesn’t mean it’ll be handed to you, upgrading your current job won’t happen automatically. Finding the perfect girl/guy won’t just happen, if you’ve had no luck yet, a social life will not come find you. 

Don’t be discouraged! There are solutions! But you have to try what is being taught, not choose what you want to learn.  I am here to help! People, I don’t mean to insult anyone. But I do intent to tell the truth, many of you choose to ignore. 

I make you this promise! I will do my best to help YOU. I’ve been through every up and down. I’ve been there, and I just wish someone was out there willing to help. 

Having problems with guys or girls? I’m here for you! Having issues with life?  I’m here! Still fat? I’m here for you! I promise to try to help. It doesn’t mean I can make miracles happen, but let me tell you; your not a miracle. More than likely I can help you. 

How does waterbreakrocks? It actually cuts through them. A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. 
There are solutions to everything in life guys.